Concentrate on the Details of the Wedding Photography

This is essential as this day for the couple is very important, but is usually a blur for them. Having wedding photography gives them a chance to look back on the photos and to remember things recently flown by. However, take a few minutes for a few little but important details: 

The Cake

The cake is surely going to be in the wedding photos, it is hard to miss such an obvious thing. Sometimes getting a cake photo is difficult inside, unless it is near a window or is placed outdoors in the shade. So whenever possible, set some off-camera lights around the cake and get great cake photos. The recent trend is with white cake having white icing, making it hard to take a photo shot. The only trick is to ensure the light source is from different angles. Multiple light sources can give a three dimensional appearance and the cake looks beautiful.


Weddings are special and are incomplete without flowers.  Some brides attach to their bouquet small keepsakes. Normally, these keepsakes have a meaning, so photograph it.

The Dress

Wedding dress of each bride has a special place and photos are a must. In fact, the wedding photos must capture all the details of the dress. The wedding dress is usually cleaned after the wedding and is kept safe in a box and when they wish to show anyone their wedding dress, it is easier to pull your photos and show your dress.

Every dress is different; make it unique by capturing photos on every little thing on your dress.  

Quirky Things

The concept of keeping the wedding day unique is high and so couples go a long way to ensure uniqueness.  These are to highlight uniqueness such as:

  • Having the couple’s picture in the napkins or little candies.
  • Get both side grannies to be your flower girls; in fact they will be more than pleased.
  • Put up loveable sayings everywhere and you will see love glowing in everyone’s eyes.

Weddings are huge events and it is easy to get caught up in the day actions and also forget about the details. Make some downtime and find the details so that nothing jumps out at you all of a sudden. In this way capture memorable wedding photographs that will keep you look back as a couple even after 25 years of marriage and to cherish them.

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